The Vauxhall Adam from Toomey Vauxhall

The endlessly customisable Vauxhall ADAM can be personalised in approximately 30,000 different ways, meaning that hardly any two models are ever quite the same. The options available to ADAM buyers include:

* 12 different exterior colours for bodywork, door panel inserts, and wing mirrors
* A White, Black or Brown roof
* 20 different sizes and styles of alloy wheels
* The Chrome Pack, Style Pack or Technical Pack, to give your ADAM extra style or useful accessories

The sheer amount of choice on offer can be overwhelming – and that is why ournew refurbished showroomson West Mayne includes a brand-new ADAM centre. When you visit this section of our showrooms, you can find out anything you want about this unique vehicle from our dedicated specialists.

Visit the ADAM Centre at Toomey Basildon’s new showrooms today for a conversation with one of our knowledgeable specialists about any aspect of the model. Alternatively, contact us to book a test drive.