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All-New Renault Scenic in Basildon, Essex

Available at Toomey Basildon

The All-New Renault Scenic puts the manufacturer's previous experience in producing ground-breaking MPVs to good use. Motorists will quickly recognise Renault's customary levels of safety, technology, build quality and performance.

From the exterior of the Renault Scenic, it is immediately evident that this is a stylish and attractive vehicle. Having taken on enough styling cues to be identified as part of the Renault vehicle range, the Scenic still boasts enough individuality for it to be unmistakable amongst the line-up, with features such as the slanted headlights giving it its own distinctive appearance.

Sliding console

Its sliding console, an iconic piece of Renault SCENIC equipment, has been redesigned so that you can customise your driving position. Turned towards the driver, it creates a "cockpit" environment.

Aviation tables

Your rear passengers will be thrilled! Thanks to the aviation shelves, your multimedia tablets and smart phones will always be close to hand and safely stowed with the elastic strings. Does your device need charging? Don't panic, you can recharge from USB sockets on the rear side of the central sliding console.

Superb comfort

Travel in complete comfort. The Renault SCENIC offers double density foam for better support, 8-mode electric settings, heating and massaging functions at the front, providing you with optimal comfort.

Spacious driver's compartment

With its rear sliding bench seat, a real sense of space, Easy Life sliding console… The Renault SCENIC adapts to your own interpretation of comfort.

High visibility windscreen

Since your comfort is also affected by the way you see the road, we have equipped the Renault SCENIC with a large triptych windscreen. It gives you a panoramic view and improves your side vision.

Active emergency braking with pedestrian detection

Cope with a town's many distractions. Exclusive to New Renault SCENIC, active emergency braking can detect pedestrians. If it detects a risk of imminent collision, it is also capable of braking for you.

Lane keeping assist and fatigue detection alert

Do you have a monotonous journey? Losing concentration? Thanks to its trajectory analysis system, active above 31 mph, the Renault SCENIC detects any fatigue-related anomaly and alerts you. If you do not react, it corrects your trajectory autonomously moving you back into your l

Toomey Renault Basildon brings the highest-quality Renault family vehicles to the Essex area, with a showroom that is easily accessed from Dartford, Chelmsford, Brentwood and Dagenham. Contact us if you would like to know more about the Renault Scenic, and to arrange a test drive with us.

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