Renault FAQs

Where can I find the Radio Code for my Renault radio?

If you are in position of your Renault's Maintenance Schedule Booklet, you should be able to find your Radio Code printed on the inside front cover. If however you do not have the Maintenance Schedule Booklet, you will have to apply for a Radio Code online.

  • First you will need to fill out an application form
  • Next is a document upload process (they'll need to see a copy or scan of your driving license and V5 documentation)
  • A code will then be allocated which will allow you to unlock your Renault radio quickly and easily

You can start the process now by visiting the Renault website and filling in the web-form.

How do I obtain a replacement key for my Renault?

If you have lost your Renault ignition key then you will have to visit your nearest dealership. Once you have provided them with your vehicle registration document and photo ID, your dealership representative will be able to arrange a replacement key. Typically, this service should cost £180 for a single replacement key, however a second, spare, key can usually be purchased for just £50 extra.

How do I open the bonnet on Renault TWINGO?

In order to open the bonnet of the Renault TWINGO, you need only follow a few simple steps:

  • Firstly, remove the two panels at the right and left extremes of the grille, next to the headlamp casings
  • Next insert your key into the slot on the right-hand side and pull the red tab
  • Lastly, slide the bonnet outwards and raise it up

How big is the boot in the Renault TWINGO?

The Renault TWINGO has a boot capacity of 219 litres, thanks to generous dimensions of 100cm by 57.5cm. You can also lower the rear and front passenger seats to create a flat floor which is 2.31m long, allowing you to fit long and bulky items into the car with ease.

Where are Renault cars manufactured?

Renault is a huge automobile manufacturer, and as such it has facilities and subsidiary factories across Europe and the world. The most famous, and largest, of these is most probably the Flins Renault Factory, which is based between the towns of Flins and Aubergenville in Yvelines, not far outside of Paris. The factory, which is also known as the Pierre Lefaucheux Factory in memory of the company's first CEO after nationalisation, currently produces the latest generation Renault Clio and the electrically powered Zoe model.

Who makes Renault diesel engines?

Currently, Renault designs and produces the diesel engines that are in use throughout its range of vehicles. Recent reports suggest however, that Renault may be phasing out the use of diesel engines as they become more difficult to align with economic initiatives such as emissions laws. Several smaller Renault models are already offered with a choice of purely petrol engines.

When was Renault founded?

The Renault corporation was officially formed as far back as 1899 by the three Renault brothers; Louis Renault, Marcel Renault and Fernand Renault. Originally known as Société Renault Frères,the brothers sold their first car, the Renault Voiturette 1CV, to a friend of their father in 1898 before beginning to manufacture their own engines in 1903.