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New Peugeot iOn in Basildon, Essex

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As part of a new generation of emission-free vehicles from Peugeot, the Peugeot iOn is as impressive in its ecological savings as it is in looks and performance.

As the showcase of Peugeot's research and development into electric driving, the iOn proves that the experience of driving and owning an electric vehicle offers a high number of positives over fuel-powered vehicles. The four-door iOn has four seats, and can achieve a range of 93 miles on its 330-volt lithium-ion battery system. This can be charged using either a conventional domestic plug socket or a dedicated fast charging station.

The design of the iOn is aesthetically pleasing yet functional, with a compact exterior shielding a spacious interior. Peugeot has streamlined the body of the vehicle and narrowed it down, giving motorists a high level of manoeuvrability on the road. This design also allows for an elongated windscreen, which provides a unique and expansive view of the road ahead. At the back of the vehicle, the rear lights make use of LED technology, and the 15-inch alloy wheels fit the style perfectly.

Peugeot iOn dashboard close up
Peugeot iOn dashboard
Peugeot iOn front interior

Entertainment options inside the iOn's cabin include a CD player with USB connectivity, which allows for a wide range of personal audio options. Electric windows and automatic climate control is provided as standard, as is the central locking system.

Motorists who need to charge the iOn will find that it takes approximately eight hours to fully charge from a standard domestic home socket. There is also the option of fast charging, which takes 30 minutes to boost up to 80 percent of the battery. The iOn, of course, has no fuel consumption or CO2 emissions, offering reduced vehicle tax and parking charge exemption in selected areas of the country. Performance-wise, the iOn can reach top speeds of up to 81mph, achieve 0-30mph acceleration in 5.9 seconds and 0-60mph in 15.9 seconds - more than adequate for urban use.

Peugeot iOn logo
Peugeot iOn rear exterior in blue
Peugeot iOn charging

A suite of six airbags protects the iOn's interior, allowing each occupant to feel protected no matter where they sit within the car. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is installed, giving the driver full control of the vehicle, even in challenging road conditions.

Toomey Peugeot Basildon brings you the widest range of available Peugeot vehicles from Basildon, Essex, serving the Dartford, Chelmsford, Brentwood and Dagenham regions. Contact us for more information on the Peugeot iOn, and to arrange a test drive today.

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