Motability – Adaptations

As part of the fantastic Motability scheme, we can fit your car with a range of adaptations that will make sure you are safer and more comfortable when you travel. More than 37,000 Motability customers opt to have adaptations made to their car, and many of these can be added free of charge.

Generally the types of adaptation available fall into the following three categories:

· Driving – to make your journeys more comfortable.

· Stowage – to help you fit your wheelchair or scooter in the car.

· Access – to aid you when you need to get in and out of the car.

Before you make any decisions on which adaptations to include, make sure you speak to our Motability experts, who will be able to advise you which adaptations will work for your specific requirements and the car you want to drive.


Driving adaptations and controls can be added to your car of choice to help you when you are out on the road. They will not normally impact on the car's originals controls, so your other nominated drivers can still use the vehicle as well. Designed to help with speed control, steering and signalling, the most popular driving adaptations include hand controls, electronic accelerators, pedal modifications and steering aids.


To help you lift and fit your wheelchair or mobility scooter into the car we can add either a boot hoist or a rooftop stowage unit. Both of the systems are easy to operate and work at just the touch of a button, allowing you to easily transport other heavy items as well as your mobility aids.


Getting into a car, especially a compact hatchback model, can often be difficult for disabled motorists, but with access adaptations it doesn't have to be. You can add an electric person hoist to your car and swivel seats, which will make life much easier when you need to get in or out of your vehicle.

For more information about adaptations and the Motability scheme in general, contact your nearest Toomey dealership today and book an appointment with one of our Motability experts.