Value your Vehicle at Toomey Basildon MG

Find out how much your part exchange is worth with Toomey Basildon MG

Whether you are looking for a new or used MG, you will naturally be interested as to the value of your current car, and the potential deposit that the vehicle can provide in part exchange for your new car. At Toomey Basildon, we have now made this even easier than ever, with our instant online valuation tool below.

In just a few easy steps, you can retrieve an accurate indication of your vehicle's value by providing us with just a few simple details about your car, including mileage and registration number. Once completed, we will return three valuations for your vehicle, along with a set of guidelines as to what constitutes the value shown for showroom condition, average condition and below average condition. This will then allow you to ascertain a realistic value for your car before continuing the research on your new car purchase.

To discuss your valuation in more detail, or to arrange for a face-to-face valuation of your car, then please contact one of our MG specialist advisers today.