Vauxhall OnStar rescues couple in need

When we think of emergencies on the road, we’d normally think they’ve been caused by cars; it’s rare a car is described as saving someone’s life instead. However, this is exactly what happened for a couple, John and Paula, who were travelling home from Cornwall when Vauxhall OnStar came to their rescue.

Their long journey home quickly became difficult when traffic jams, road closures and diversions left them feeling tired and distressed. But it gets worse; John suffers with epilepsy and requires medicine to help him control his condition. Although Paula does all the driving, it didn’t stop John being in need of the emergency services on the road when he desperately required his medication.

When John started to be ill on the long-winded journey, he needed help and fast. Both he and his partner Paula were out of phone signal so they couldn’t call anyone for help. Luckily, they had been shown the Vauxhall OnStar emergency button when they bought the car at their local dealership. Paula pressed the button and was immediately put through to an adviser. She explained the situation and Kevin Borbridge who took the call could swiftly help. He contacted the emergency services who sent an ambulance to the car, which helpfully had a GPS tracker. They reached him quickly and took him to hospital. And that’s not all, Kevin put Paula through to their family so they could let them know what had happened.

John believes OnStar saved his life and is relieved that it is fitted in the car. He said, “Having it in the car 24/7, 365 days a year offers us both peace of mind”.

Emergencies are unpredictable whether you suffer with a long-term condition or not. We rely on our phones a lot these days, but sometimes they are unable to help us when we need it the most. OnStar offers support even when help seems remote. It also has information for vehicle diagnostics, satellite navigation and a tracker for if the car gets stolen.

It’s not just for emergencies either. It turns the car into a WiFi hotspot so you can use the internet on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Your passengers will love it and you can stop along the journey to catch up on emails or to look something up. It’s an award-winning system for its innovation and safety credentials.

This year, two out of three new Vauxhall models will have OnStar. It’s available as an option for all Vauxhalls, ranging from the entry-level models such as the VIVA city car through to the Cascada convertible and Mokka X crossover.

Find out more about OnStar by contacting the experts at Toomey Basildon. You can enjoy a test drive in your Vauxhall of choice and we will show you how the clever system works.