Textured colours available for the Peugeot 208

Present at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show, Peugeot revealed the new Peugeot 208 in its Orange Power colour scheme. Also available for the vehicle is a Lime Yellow or Menthol White personalisation pack, each allowing for high levels of customisation to the vehicle. The exclusive reveal was of two new textured colours, which are unique to Peugeot and to the 208 - Ice Grey, and Ice Silver.

The textured paint offers a completely new visual and sensory experience to cars decorated with it. Producing matt and satin effects, these textures enhance the lines and design of the vehicle, while also altering its appearance depending on how the light hits it. The physical texture of the paint has been described as 'lightly granular', and projects the reliability of the 208 through touch alone. In a practical sense, the paint is also more durable, protecting the vehicle against micro-scratches and capable of withstanding frequent high-pressure washing procedures.

In the past, paint variations such as these would only have been offered to motorists as part of expensive limited-edition vehicle runs. Peugeot, however, is able to apply this paint to the vehicles during production at its plant, offering it to a wider market as an affordable option, similar to pearlescent paint options today. This achievement follows four years of development at the Poissy plant in France.

Peugeot is making the Ice Grey and Ice Silver paints available to express two different marketing philosophies. Ice Grey will evoke elegance, modernity and status, while Ice Silver has been created to put forth dynamism, strength and power.

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