Citroen FAQs

Where is the Citroen C3 fuel filter?

The Citroen c3 fuel filter is located adjacent to the engine under the bonnet of the car. Removing and replacing the Citroen c3 fuel filter is a complex job, and one that should not be attempted without expert knowledge.

Where is the Citroen C1 bonnet release?

  • The Citroen C1 bonnet release switch is located in the front passenger space
  • If you reach to the right hand side under the glovebox, above the passenger footwell, you will find a tab
  • Lifting this tab firmly will activate the c1 bonnet release mechanism
  • Releasing a secondary catch under the front of the bonnet will give you access to the car's engine

How can I access the Citroen dispatch fuse box?

  • The Citroen dispatch fuse box is located behind the glove compartment
  • When the glove box is open you should be able to see two clips
  • These clips are attached to two release springs which allow you to remove the glove box completely
  • The Citroen Dispatch fuse box should become visible and is marked clearly with an electrical sign

What is Citroen multicity connect?

Citroen Multicity connect is an integrated, connected services system found in various Citroen models. Using a 7-inch touchscreen tablet, Multicity connect gives drivers access to a range of applications and safety features that can all be controlled with ease.

When was Citroen founded?

The Citroen name is long-running and venerable in the automotive world. In fact, the company was originally founded in 1919 and quickly made an impact by releasing the world's first mass-produced front-wheel-drive car.

Why buy a Citroen?

Citroen has a very proud history that should prove attractive to any prospective car buyer. The company has produced three European Car of the Year award winners, whilst the Citroen DS was named the third most influential car of the 20th Century. Citroen is also well known for producing reliable yet quirky cars, such as the recent Cactus, but also has a successful history in motorsport. To date, only Citroen has won three different official championships from the International Automobile Federation, experience that works to inform the manufacturer's road going cars.

Who invented Citroen?

The Citroen brand was established in 1919 by a French industrialist by the name of André-Gustave Citroën, who was born in Paris in 1878.

Who does Citroen own?

Citroen does not currently own any other car manufacturers, rather it is itself owned by the French company Groupe PSA. In addition to Citroen, Groupe PSA owns Peugeot, Vauxhall, DS Automobiles, and Opel.

What does Citroen mean?

There is no literal translation as to what Citroen means, rather it is the name of the company's founder, André-Gustave Citroën

How do you pronounce Citroen?

The technically correct way to pronounce Citroen is 'Seet/'-ro'en' The main emphasis should be placed on the 'seet', with 'ro'en' following. Try it!

Where is the Citroen Picasso battery?

The Citroen Picasso battery is located under the bonnet, near the engine block. Typically, the Citroen Picasso battery can be found in the top right corner of the bonnet area, although removing and replacing the battery without specialist knowledge is advised against.

What is Citroen Airdream?

Citroen Airdream is an eco-label that Citroen attributes to a range of green and economically friendly vehicles. Citroen is one of Europe's leading car manufacturers when it comes to low emissions, and to qualify for Airdream status a car must emit no more than 140g of CO2 per km, be produced in an ISO 14001 certified plant and be 95% recoverable.
Citroen Airdream can be found in e-HDi, electric and Hybrid4 engine models.