Van security tips: how to keep yours safe

Keeping vans and their contents safe is a problem for many businesses, particularly with van theft on the increase. Not only is the number of thefts growing, but also the average value of losses is increasing, so it is important you do all you can to protect these assets.

Windows and doors

Stop the opportunist thieves from getting away with your van or valuables inside by making sure you never leave your van unattended with the windows open or doors unlocked. It’s so easy to do when you’re in a hurry, but the potential consequences of a moment’s carelessness can be very costly. If you have an older van, look into having new locks fitted, which will be more secure.

Security devices

A good quality alarm and immobiliser are worth installing, and it is also worth considering adding a tracker. A tracker uses GPS to locate your van, in the event of it being stolen, so the chances of recovering the vehicle are far greater than they would be otherwise.

Safeguarding contents

If you are able to remove your valuables from your van at night this is clearly the ideal solution to keeping your contents safe. However, if this is not an option for you, do your best to make your tools or equipment as safe as possible inside the vehicle. Make sure you store all valuables where they are not visible through windows. Smaller items can be stored in a safe box, while larger items can be chained and padlocked inside the van.

Use your logo

A van with a company name and logo painted on the side is far less attractive to thieves than a plain unmarked van. Branding makes it much easier for your van to be identified and recovered if it is stolen, and it makes it harder for a thief to sell your vehicle on.

For more ideas on van security, speak to the knowledgeable team at Toomeys in Basildon.