Tyre Speed Rating and Labelling Guide

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The Tyre Speed Rating is designed for your safety, as well as to protect the longevity of your tyres. The Tyre Speed Rating is in the form of a letter – or letter and number combination – that can be found on the side wall of each individual tyre. This rating works as a code to help you measure the maximum speed you should drive.

For example, a Tyre Speed Rating of ‘L’ has a maximum speed limit of 75 mph, whilst a Tyre Speed Rating of ‘Y’ – the highest rating – has a maximum speed limit of 186+mph. Most standard models such as family friendly vehicles have a Tyre Speed Rating of S or T, meaning the limit is 112-118mph. Most people will not exceed this, but the higher rating is to ensure durability and longevity on these tyres.

Every new tyre comes with a standardised label, indicating a scale of how much wear and tear your tyres can handle. This includes performance in water and harsh weather conditions, fuel-efficiency and noise ratings. The Tyre Speed Rating can also tell you about the tyre’s diameter and width.

If you exceed your Tyre Speed Rating, you run the risk of the tyre losing its shape and tread. This damages the performance of the tyre and therefore has a detrimental effect on how you drive. Damaged tyres lead to a loss of control of the vehicle, or can lead to the tyre coming away from the rim, causing further damage to the car.

Most tyres can sustain high speeds, and exceeding the rating by five or 10mph will not cause major damage so long as you are able to slow down right away. However, prolonged breach of the limit on your Tyre Speed Rating will wear away the standard of your tyres over time, which is both dangerous and costly. You also need to ensure that you are using the correct tyre for your model.

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