Keeping your van on the road for less

Vans can be a major expense for your business, but there are some simple ways to keep costs down.

Choose your van carefully

If you are buying a van, choose a van which is economical to run, with good fuel efficiency and low emissions. A van in a low emissions group offers a significant saving on road tax. Peugeot, Ford and Citroën manufacture some of the most economical vans on the market. In the mid-size sector, vehicles such as the Peugeot Expert and Citroën Dispatch give a good return on fuel. Avoid choosing a van which is bigger than you need as this will incur unnecessary costs. 

If your work involves mainly short journeys, you could consider buying an electric van. The range of electric vans available is expanding with growing demand, and popular models include the electric Citroën Berlingo, the Nissan e-NV200 and the Renault Kangoo ZE.

The government may pay a grant of up to £8,000 off the price of an electric van. You can find out about the government’s eligibility criteria at

Regular maintenance

Keeping your van in good condition with regular servicing and maintenance will help you to avoid costly emergency repairs, and will mean your van is more likely to pass an MOT. Check tyre pressure regularly and make sure oil and water are topped up. Attend to minor issues promptly before they develop into bigger problems.

Keep mileage down

Choose the most efficient route for your journeys and avoid unnecessary mileage.  This helps to reduce wear and tear on tyres and the vehicle, as well as keeping fuel consumption to a minimum.


Make sure you have secure locks and an immobiliser, and consider having a tracker fitted if this will lower your insurance premium – check with your insurer first.


Build up your no claims bonus, and consider protecting it if you have several years of no claims. Shop around for the best insurance deal and make sure you opt out of policy elements which you don’t need.

For more advice on keeping the costs of running a van to a minimum, speak to the experts at Toomey in Basildon.