Your Guide to Cruise Control

Cruise control has been around for many years, and now most models come with cruise control as standard. As technology develops, however, adaptive cruise control is also becoming a regular feature on new models.

Providing fantastic driver convenience, cruise control allows drivers to maintain the same speed without applying the accelerator - it is great for saving fuel and can enhance people’s safety on the roads.

Standard cruise control is activated by simply pressing a switch on the dashboard or steering wheel. Once you have accelerated to your desired speed, you click the switch again to set the car at that speed, and can then remove your foot from the accelerator. Cruise control is just as easily deactivated by pressing the brakes. This standard setting is used mostly on motorways rather than for driving through traffic when you regularly need to change speed.

Speed limiter cruise control is slightly different and is the simplest form of cruise control – it does exactly what it says on the tin and limits a car’s speed. The top speed will vary from model to model and the speed limit is either built-in to the car, or is driver activated, so you can decide what speed to use as the cut-off. The driver must maintain control of the accelerator and then when the car reaches its’ limit, the car will automatically stop accelerating beyond the set limit.

Adaptive cruise control is the most advanced form of cruise control. Its purpose is the same as cruise control, except it allows the car to adapt to other cars and moving traffic around it using sensors, or lasers. These built-in sensors/lasers have a pre-set mode to determine safe distance, therefore the car will automatically decelerate if the car in front or behind is too close.

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