Child booster seat and baby car seat laws explained

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If you have a young family, you are planning on making some additions, or if you work with young children, you need to be aware of the latest legislation in child booster seats and baby car seats. The law states that all children must travel with a child booster seat until the age of 12, or once they have reached past the height of 135cm tall (four feet and five inches). You also need to ensure that your child booster seat is approved by the EU – this will be indicated by the label showing a capital ‘E’ in a circle on the product. It’s advised that you choose a seat based on your child’s height or weight to ensure the utmost safety.

Height-based car seats are known as i-Size seats; these must be rear-facing until your child has reached the age of 15 months. Once the child has reached this age, the car seat can be forward facing.

Weight-based car seats come in various weight categories. For 0-9kg, you need a lie-flat or lateral baby carrier, or a rear-facing baby seat with a harness. For children weighing 0-13kg you need a rear-facing baby carrier or baby seat using a harness. For 9-18kg, and 15-36kg children, you need a rear or forward-facing baby/child seat using a harness, safety shield, or safety belt, respectively.

Only use seat belts that have a diagonal strap, unless the car seat is specifically designed for use with a lap seat belt, or if it is fitted using ISOFIX anchor points. It is also the law to deactivate any front airbags before fitting a rear-facing baby seat in a front seat. Do not fit a child car seat in side-facing seats. The same rules apply for children with disabilities or medical conditions, but with the addition of a disabled person’s seat belt or child restraint appropriate for their needs.

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